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Heat your hot tub faster with a propane heater than with an electric heater.
Enjoy endless hot showers with a Rinnai propane tankless water heater.
Dry your clothes faster and more efficiently and with less likelihood of damage than with an electric dryer.
Cook safely and more efficiently with grills that heat up and cool down quickly.
Extend your pool season with a propane heater.
The leading-edge satellite-based technology and remote tank monitors tracks the amount of propane remaining in specific Customer propane tanks across Ontario. Consider “Going Underground” with an underground tank.
Propane water heaters provide hot water reliably when you need it. Heat your water and your home from a gas water heater. With a hydronic system, heated water is pumped through pipes and carried to baseboard heaters or through concealed in-floor piping for a consistent temperature in all parts of your home.
If you have never cooked with gas, it's time to release your inner gourmet. It's time to discover what the pros already know.
A built-in or freestanding propane fireplace is a beautiful addition to any room. Gas fireplaces are clean, easy to operate and they look great!
Propane furnaces deliver comfortable and more evenly distributed heat than electric heat pumps and can greatly reduce your heating bill compared to electric or oil furnace options. Cost-efficient and durable, a propane furnace will last up to 20 years and, with a 98% efficiency rating, can reduce your heating costs by up to 25% compared to other lower efficiency furnaces. Now equipped with computer sensors, security is built in to control and monitor the operation of the furnace.
One practical option to central heating is space heating. Propane space heaters and wall furnaces are attractive and easily installed as chimney or direct-vent models. Propane space heaters and wall furnaces are attractive and easily installed as chimney or direct-vent models.
Security with outdoor propane lighting.
Propane generators are permanently installed and connected to your bulk propane supply. This means an adequate supply for days of continuous operation, in a wide range of sizes from 7200w to 880kw.
Add party ambiance with propane torches.