Your propane company since 1951.


Your propane company since 1951.


Allow us to manage your delivery schedule.

Well track how much propane you have in your tank so you dont have to. Well automatically plan your deliveries based on your consumption habits.

Not sure how much propane you go through during the winter?

Keeping tabs on how much propane you use will make it a lot easier to manage your overall consumption and be prepared.

Factors that may influence your consumption:

  • Cold temperature snaps

  • Strong winds and snowstorms

  • Poorly insulated doors and windows

  •  Having guests over

  • Adding additional appliances or recent renovations

Let us know if your consumption changes!

Changes to your household affect your consumption and that includes your automatic deliveries.

Let us know when:

  • Someone moves in or out of your home

  • Youre taking an extended vacation or when your home will be vacant

  • Youve completed renovations

  • Youre moving

Interested in monitoring your own propane tank?

There is an app for that!

You can manage your consumption remotely via your smart phone.