Your propane company since 1951.


Your propane company since 1951.


Founded in 1951, Sparlings is Canada's Oldest Propane Company.

In 1951, Grant Sparling began selling propane from his hardware store in the village of Blyth, Ontario with a philosophy that was all about putting the customer first  making it the oldest propane company in Canada.

Today, Sparlings is a full-service propane company offering reliable energy supply, appliances, equipment, and technical support to diverse markets across central Canada. Known as leaders in service and safety, Sparlings continues to put the customer first in all aspects of propane delivery and service.

Sparlings is a brand of Parkland Corporation.

Our History

As the oldest propane company in Canada, Sparlings has a steep history and has made many contributions in establishing best practices for the industry.

Small Town but Land of Promise

Grant R. Sparlings founds the hardware store that was to become Sparlings Propane.

May 14, 1951

Reliable Cylinder Service

In the early years, Sparling's Propane was only sold in 100-pound cylinders, then often referred to as 'bottled gas.'

May 28, 1956

A Red & White Truck

With the construction of a small bulk plant at the south edge of the village in 1955 and the purchase of a bulk delivery truck in 1957, Grant began uninterrupted service to most propane applications.

June 6, 1957

Meeting the Challenges

While cylinders were easily transported and handled, bulk propane tanks presented certain obvious challenges. Through the 1950's and 60's, Sparling's used special trailers to deliver and install tanks, a procedure that required a loaded trailer to be backed across a Customer's yard to the desired location. The tank was then lowered into position.

September 5, 1960

Emergency Response Team

First propane company in Ontario to establish an internal Emergency Response Team, and a Plan approved by Transport Canada. Sparlings ERAP 2-0220* outlines company response during transportation emergencies and incidents involving propane. *The Sparlings Plan was adopted by the Ontario Propane Association in 1996. It served as the framework for the first Transport Canada approved Mutual Aid Emergency Response Plan for propane, ERAP 2-1672.


Goodbye to Hardware

In 1979, Grant sold his hardware store in Blyth, to concentrate on the growing propane business. He even suggested he may semi-retire... To better define the propane supply and transportation operations, SLT - Sparling's Liquid Transport was established in 1981, as a specialized carrier of propane, butane, anhydrous products and industrial gases.

February 8, 1994

Gas Appliance System Check

First propane company in Canada to voluntarily participate in the Gas Appliance System Check, or GASCheck® program. To date, thousands of documented GASCheck® inspections have been provided to Sparlings Customers.


Thank You for the First 50 Years

"It's about service. Not propane. It's about a friendly, cooperative voice on the phone. It's a knowledgeable service man, who shows up on time and takes his boots off at the door. It's a Clean shave, a Clean uniform, and a Clean truck. It's a fair price. It's a smile at the door. It's saying, 'thank you', to our Customers - for being our Customers. That's what we sell around here."

August 13, 2001

Quality Assessed Facilities

First multi-branch propane company to have “Quality Assessed Facilities” (bulk propane storage facilities) in the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) Quality Assurance Program.


Emergency Service Training Centre

First propane corporate sponsor of the Emergency Service Training Centre (ESTC) - Located in Blyth, Ontario, ESTC is the largest emergency training facility in Ontario, providing essential front-line programs for fire, police, ambulance and industry.


A founding investor in P38 Inc.

A founding investor in P38 Inc. The first organization of its kind in Canada committed exclusively to funding propane research at leading institutions, to improving safety through analysis and a rigorous Code of Conduct initiative and to developing sustainable clean energy propane markets through science.


The Future of Propane

First propane company in Ontario to obtain a license to operate a propane pipeline/utility. Sparlings considers this the future of large-scale rural propane distribution.


Canada's Oldest Propane Company

"Sure, business longevity is a credit to everyone involved, but one thing is clear. No business succeeds if the people in it forget their primary purpose: Taking Care of the Customer," says Founder Grant Sparling. "Service is the cornerstone of this company and 60 years confirms that our simple philosophy remains relevant," adds Grant.

August 13, 2011

A cleaner & safer work environment

Company crane trucks no longer use conventional hydraulic oil – they have been converted to non-toxic, inherently biodegradable, non-carcinogenic and recyclable hydraulic fluid which contributes to a cleaner and safer work environment.


Parkland Corporation Acquisition

Parkland Corporation acquires Sparlings Propane’s six branch locations in Southern Ontario that were known for six decades of commitment to customer service with their motto of: ‘We don’t just sell propane, we sell warm houses and hot water.’


65th Anniversary

Sparlings celebrates its 65th anniversary. It is the oldest propane company in Canada.