Delivered Bulk Diesel Fuel 

Sparlings can be your one-stop-shop for all your multi-fuel requirements. Access our delivered fuel services through our affiliated fuel brands.

  • Low-sulphur diesel fuel

  • Dyed diesel fuel

Pipeline Commercial Cardlock Network

Sparlings is pleased to be able to support your business operations with gas & diesel fuel from one of our exclusive fuel providers.

The Pipeline Commercial cardlock offers state-of-the-art, easy-to-use self-serve fuel dispensers located across Canada. They are available 24-hours a day and dispense gas & diesel 10 times faster than standard retail pumps. 

Pipeline Commercial cardlocks are part of an enhanced system of multi-service facilities dedicated to the trucking industry and beyond with advanced amenities.


Our quality lubricantskeeping your business running smoothly.

As a Shell Lubricants Master Certified Distributor and a Phillips 66 Lubricants Marketer, Sparlings proudly carries high-performance synthetic lubricating oils and greases that offer outstanding protection, long lubricant life, and proven system efficiency results across multiple applications and industries. Sparlings has now recently added Ridgeline products to its lubricants product offering.

  • Commercial & Industrial Lubricants

  • Transport - Heavy-Duty Engine Oils

  • Automotive - Passenger Car Motor Oils

  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Material Safety Data Sheets

Lubricantsproduct and performance, support and resources.

At Sparlings, we believe that our customers deserve more than top-quality lubricants and convenient onsite delivery.  Anyone can do that. What distinguishes us is our commitment to providing you with a full-service experience. For example, our qualified and dedicated account representatives can work with you and our technical lubricant experts to provide the following services and support.


  • Sparlings Competitive Oil Analysis

  • Sparlings Onsite Lubricants Site Assessments and Technical Support

  • Business Development Funds and Loaned Equipment Agreements

  • Resources