Your propane company since 1951.


Your propane company since 1951.


"Thank you for providing such excellent service. We are amazed by how friendly, knowledgeable and helpful everyone is. We are glad we switched to Sparlings."

Brian - Campbellville, Ontario

"Thank you for your excellent service. The Sparlings people are so courteous. I appreciate it very much."

Betty - Port Albert, Ontario

"Our switch to Sparlings was so smooth. I've told neighbours about the great service, and 2 have already switched to Sparlings."

Jim - Campbellville, Ontario

"The installers explained how everything works, they were polite and cleaned-up after the job was done."

Frank - Kincardine, Ontario

"Thanks for sending a knowledgeable technician!"

Rita - Harley, Ontario

"Thanks for 20 years of wonderful service."

Keith - Campbellville, Ontario

"Your drivers are outstanding."

Rose - Ancaster, Ontario

"Great people. Great job. We are really pleased."

Wilbert - Waterloo, Ontario

"We switched to Sparlings - and I am impressed with the staff. Knowledgeable, friendly and polite."

Nancy - Port Perry, Ontario

"Sparlings is the company that still keeps Customer Service at the top of the list."

Bev - Alliston, Ontario

"You have top-notch service. I highly recommend you to our friends and neighbors."

Rainer - Ferndale, Ontario