Your propane company since 1951.


Your propane company since 1951.


Sparlings, as a brand of Parkland Corporation, follows comprehensive programs and protocols for emergency response procedures to help mitigate health, safety and environmental risks. We additionally measure our risk mitigation performance closely.


Drive to Zero

Launched in 2014, the Drive to Zero campaign is a firm commitment to safety, with a focus on genuine caring for people and the environment.

Drive to Zero is not a slogan - it’s a goal to achieve zero injuries and zero spills.


Stop. Think. Act.

The fundamentals of common sense are our ongoing and ever-present commitment:

STOP before starting any task or job.
THINK about how to do the job safely.
ACT to always work safely.

If it can’t be done safely, don’t do it. Period.


Idle Smart Campaign 

Parkland Corporation continues to make major investments in truck technology. Fleet tracking and asset management units have been installed nationally, enabling real-time communication between drivers and dispatchers while promoting work along safety across all Parkland companies.

Relevant data are continuously monitored for opportunities to optimize fuel consumption, reduce emissions, and minimize other environmental-related health risks.

The implementation and success of the Idle Smart policy contribute significantly to Parkland’s core values as a respected leader in the residential, commercial and industrial fuel industry.

Parkland will continue to strengthen and energize our HSE cultureprotecting our people, our customers, the public and the environment in which we all work and live. 

Where Business meets Safety

Nothing has a greater impact on your business than safety. When you partner with an organization that prioritizes safety, it allows your business to run at peak efficiency.  

Working with Parklands experienced team, our comprehensive safety plans are proven to reduce liability, increase productivity and preserve your companys reputation.