December 1, 2020


Protect your propane home heating system from severe weather. Follow these safety tips after heavy snowfalls and icy conditions:

  • Keep a clear and safe pathway to your tanks, including your driveway to make sure your winter deliveries are accessible.

  • Clear heavy snow and ice from tanks, gauges, fittings, lines, valves and vents. Failure to do so can cause damage that could result in a gas leak. Use a broom to clear snow and ice; never a shovel.

  • Look out for safety hazards such as heavy icicles or snow from the roof or eaves above and around your tank and its components.

  • If you notice your tank has shifted position, gas lines are bent, broken or damaged, or anything unusual such as rotten egg-smelling odor inside or outside your home, turn off the main gas supply valve on your propane tank.

If I suspect a leak, how do I shut off the gas?

To close the valve, turn clockwise then call your local Sparlings right away!

Maintaining your Propane Appliance

  • Check the vents: The vents on your appliance need to breathe to ensure flue gases can flow outdoors. Look for and remove debris from vents.

  • Be aware. If you choose to modify, repair or replace an appliance connector, control, regulator or valve on your own, you could cause a gas leak.

  • Pilot lights. Sometimes a pilot light on an outdoor appliance may go out. If it goes out periodically, follow the manufacturer's instructions to reignite the appliance correctly. If an appliance's pilot light goes out frequently, there is an issue with the appliance. In this case, call a qualified technician to reignite the pilot light.


Don't chance a breakdown. Protect your appliances.

Regular maintenance of your propane appliances increases the lifespan of your equipment and can help you avoid or reduce the costs of repair in the event of an untimely breakdown.

Let our team of expert, HVAC-qualified technicians look after your equipment for you.

Service made simple:

  1. Select the appliances you would like covered.

  2. Pay only $14.99 per month for your primary appliance. Additional appliances are covered for an extra $5.99 each per month.

  3. Schedule your annual 24ProPlus inspection between April 1 and August 31.

Your 24ProPlus program also includes:

  • 24/7 Priority Service

  • Discounts on repairs

  • Discounts on accessories

  • Emergency after-hours service


Commercial equipment maintenance plans are now available.


Attention Automatic delivery customers

Changes to your household affect your automatic deliveries! Let us know when:

  • Someone moves in or out of your home

  • You’re taking an extended vacation

  • Your home will be vacant

  • You’ve completed renovations

  • You’re moving

  • You’ve recently added a propane appliance