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Your propane company since 1951.


June 1, 2021

Summer fun and propane make a great pair due to its portability for outdoor cook-outs. Enjoy the outdoors, but be sure to play it safe.


Backyard barbequing

  • Before you fire it up for the first time, be sure to inspect your gas grill’s connections and hoses for leaks, and cracks. If you spot one, be sure to contact a qualified service technician to repair.

  • Open the grill lid before igniting the burner in order to avoid gas buildup.

  • When you’re transporting your propane tank, make sure you keep it an upright position during transport, whether it’s empty or full. Avoid making unnecessary stops to other places. Instead, head straight to your destination.


RV Camping

  • Get your propane system checked by a certified technician to ensure your gas appliances are leak free and operate safely before heading out on the road.

  • Never use stove burners or ovens to heat your RV. They are designed for attended cooking only. Don't use portable propane camping equipment in your RV either (ie: camp stoves, barbecues,
    lanterns or radiant heaters). Always open a vent or window when using your propane stove.

  • Before entering a gas station, turn off all burners, pilot lights, appliances and automatic ignition devices. Turn off the vehicle engine and have everyone leave the RV before refueling.



  • Most marine stoves and grills use propane. On boats, proper installation and regular inspection is critical. Propane storage tanks must be properly secured in an upright or horizontal position  (depending on the tank) in a well-ventilated area.

  • Check your propane system regularly for leaks, especially around fittings and connections. To locate leaks in the system, you can use leak detection fluid.

  • When cooking with propane, leave one burner ignited after cooking and turn off the tank valve. When the flame goes out, then close the burner valve. This practice empties the line of gas.  


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Did you know?

Household changes can affect your automatic deliveries. We’ll need to adjust your delivery schedule if:

  • The number of occupants in your home changes

  • Your home will be vacant for an extended period of time

  • You’re renovating or planning to move 

If you’re planning changes like these, let us know!


Keep your grill going all summer long

Refill your BBQ propane cylinders at your local Sparlings branch.

(BBQ cylinder refills are not available in Wiarton and St. George propane service coverage areas)